Welcome to Dutch Rogue Cove. My mission is to bring fly fishing culture into the art world amongst the famed streams of Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

At the core of my work I paint the rivers and streams with a fly rod. The Fly Cast Painting series is fly fishing and art creation in finding the colors and meditation of the waters, and transforming that experience into the paintings.

The refraction lines in water are what motivate the Resin series and have the viewer above the trout looking into the water to create a predatory sense in a fly fisherman’s pursuit.

The Watercolor series is bringing attention to some of the most successful guides and icons in the fly fishing industry as they ply the many different water’s with their craft. The watercolor paintings are a combination of recognition for the definition and standard of fly fishing, but also making a statement about the times we live in as the sport changes a little bit every year.

Water Rock series is a combination of light refraction and and a fly being represented on one of the upright resin pieces from a stream where fly fishing pursuit is the culture.

Thank you for your time in perusing the work and being a part of what I am bringing to the world.