Ideas in water

The therapy of fly fishing is a conduit to the movement and rhythm of the waters that are being fished. The lapping of water on the shore of lakes, the articulate sound of the convergence of flow in streams, or splash down at the head of a pool. Like a metronome the fly fisherman falls into the scene keeping time and focus on the task at hand. Everything else melts away as the casts are made and the mends and sweep of the currents with the line is monitored. There is such a release in getting back to the flow of an abstract situation that is suddenly relevant to the surroundings that has set the fly fisherman on their course for the day. The risks are the fly fisherman’s choice in what sort of experience they choose to pursue in the dangers of the water to wade, or bears they might have to face down as if they are suddenly standing in a stranger’s living room and the bear wants to ask some questions. Fly fishing is a means of not having things be easy but challenging in the face of a code to be successful. The therapy is the absolute outcome whether they are successful or not.